September 11, 2010

I was born in a nation which was like me as I am today at that time….After 21 years of my life on this Earth, I can feel the same ambition, concern, zeal and satisfaction which my country used to feel when it was also about to build its future, was doing efforts to find its way. The shift from the warm winds of agrarian economy to the hot climate of partly developed economy has made me think about my country today. I have now understood that perspective of a man takes no time to change but curiosity remains the same. But I still feel that to do something, a ray of motivation is needed.

Globalisation, Liberalisation, and Socialisation are still the words of and for the literates. But what really needed is sustainable development. A healthy society can be formed only when each and every member contributes to it whether it is mannerism, secularism or democracy. Even Terrorism is a movement in which people earlier had nothing to start with and today are well equipped to end everything.

The World is shouting, everyone knows but no one listens….no one is ready to speak, to have a say but feels comfortable to sit at homes. Global Warming is no more a strange term to literates but who cares if someone is dying at the coast of Maldives due to rising water levels. Who cares…if a half-thousand people die within 60 hours due to terrorism in Mumbai…Who cares…no one cares and no one will care is understood by me and hope that I am not wrong.

Everyday we are launching space missions, lunar missions, satellites and many more things to keep our future alive and optimistic but we are surely inconfident that tomorrow morning no one is going to attack us. Human Body contains Nuclear Energy. It is today productive as well destructive too.

It is our duty to protect ourselves and our country from the destructive elements both human and non-human and I can ensure if this movement is carried by each and every country and its citizen then the sustainable development can be seen to preserve our lively planet. This is to be done very soon because who knows when the war between the humans would defeat the nature…….


Indian situation

January 5, 2009

The Indian Government should understand that mere a war of words with Pakistan will not stop cross-border terrorism. India should clearly instruct Pakistan and other anti-Indian organisations that no terrorism will be tolerated at any cost and international pressure. Our govt. should not beg  for harsh actions against terrorists in front of Pakistan and U.S.A. rather we should attack these terrorist bases and camps whether they are in India, Pakistan or in the land occupied by Pakistan known as Pak occupied Kashmir without any hesitation because if terrorism is killing our people then it is the primary duty of our government to protect us from it rather than asking for permission from United States of America and begging in front of Pakistan for actions to control terrorism. Impotency of Indian government can be seen easily as they are unable to take actions even after repition of Terrorist attacks on India. Prime minister is unable to take self decisions of his own. Government of India is more concerned with maintaining its 123 agreement rather than saving its people. There is a chief minister  who is not having manners to interact with the family of a martyr who has lost his life in Mumbai terrorist attacks. This is a clear picture of our India. MAY GOD HELP INDIA  TO CURB THE MENACE OF TERRORISM because our ministers are not in a mood to tackle PAKISTAN and its terrorists who are attacking India.




September 27, 2008

Today again terrorists stuck in Indian Capital  and made mockery of our security arrangements. Again Saturday became a black day for Indian people. This is really very shocking that our politians are trying to defend even such anti-national incidences to get some votes converted in their favour. Everybody knows that who are helping the terrorists but this is the hard luck of our nation that we have such cowards as our leaders.


September 23, 2008

An ace shooter wins GOLD & Central and State Governments gives him crores of rupees in awards. Very Good I appreciate this gesture.

Another ace shooter dies fighting terrorists & Government gives his family a few lakhs.

Guess who is the real winner .


Jai Hind.


September 19, 2008

Today country lost its brave soldier fighting against terrorism when Delhi Police Inspector M.C.Sharma succumbed to his bullet wounds inflicted by terrorists during encounter at Jamiya Nagar locality at Delhi and irresponsible media was showing interviews of anti- national elements who tried to proove the encounter as fake.   FEELING OF PATRIOTISM IS NEED OF HOUR our Media and Politicians should realise it. I pray the Almighty to give peace to the departed soul of Inspector Sharma.

The Charismatic Himalayas

September 16, 2008

As i was born in the Doon valley of the shiwalik range in the Himalayas, i feel that my soul has some intimacy with the hills particularly with the Himalayas. The charismatic power of the Himalayas gives not only me but many hill lovers a fragrance of joy, a colour of wisdom and a feeling of belief. The landscape, the weather and the fragrance makes Himalayas one of the close medium to feel the nature endowned by the superpower “Almighty”. Himalayas are closely assosiated with the spirit and one becomes spiritual, if intends to be, with a little endeavor. The paths of the Himalayas are not very easy, are very freezy but makes one crazy.


Delhi Serial Blasts

September 13, 2008

This is a time for the entire nation to stand together against the brutual serial blasts in Indian capital killing many lives by some anti-humane elements known as terrorists. This is again an indication of the impotency of all those terrorism groups who are against the happy growth and development of Indian  secular civilisation. May God rest the soul of all those who have lost their lives in these bomb blasts.

Jai Hind.


August 15, 2008

Serving Persians, Mohammadians, Britishers for many centuries, India had became a land of slavery, dust and penury. When at last after great struggle and sacrifice we got our freedom then we consider ourselves independent and started celebrating 15 August as our Independence day. But due to 200 years of slavery and desertness, we forgot the meaning of independence. We consider independence as that of land, rights and monopoly of government. But we were unable to include expressions of individuals in the term independence.

We got our independence from British rule after servitude, sacrifice and so many things but after independence we forget that we have to take maintenance of it too.

We were developed with wrong criterion that India has unlimited amount of resources. But, in practical, this is not so. India has been looted since ancient times till now but the difference is that earlier Persians, Mongols, Britishers were hollowing India and now we Indians are doing the same thing.

In fact, Britishers were not the cowards. They were loyal to their work. They came here with the motive of syphoning India and they succeded in doing so. But, today we Indians show that we are well wishers of India and are hollowing Indian resources for our self interest. We our cowards. Our country has survived and is surviving due to 10-20% people who have those ethics, moral values which an Indian deserves, those values which were there in Shaheed Sardar Bhagat singh ji, those values which were there in Mahatma Gandhi ji. They were the real martyers along with those who sacrificed their lives for the sake of the nation.

Patriotism does not mean visiting the borders and getting photographed with soldiers as usually done by our leaders, it means how loyal you are to your motherland. Do you consider your motherland as your own mother?. We can see that in our own country India about 2/3rd people are corrupt. People wish to get government jobs not to serve our motherland but for their self interest. From bottom to top, most of the officials are corrupt. Whether peon is there or a bureaucrat holding a paramount position, most of them are corrupt, unloyal to their work, selfish to India. If government officials and in general any person wants to do good deeds they are stopped and ruthless measures are taken against them by some ministers who are also corrupt. If someone talks about development then communal riots takes place and the major cause behind this is corrupted ministers. I.A.S. officers are suspended if they took harsh steps against illegal elements. Administration has become the mockery in the eyes of mob.

People elect those ministers who are either uneducated or if educated are criminals. People elect them due to their terror and due to communal feelings. Higher positions are given in those hands who are not having intelligence to take right decisions.

We all know that India is suffering with a great problem of population explosion still government is not taking serious steps to control it.

Our youth constitute an immense reserviour of strength which can be a great source of power to the nation if channelized in the right direction. India has already taken a step forward in this technological era. We have to perform our responsibility in order to compete with the World economies. It is our great privilege that our prime minister is a great economist and is one of the great scholars of the world. I’m pretty much sure that if we all start putting our best efforts for our country then our India will be the super power of the world.

India has been suffering from the serious problem of terrorism. We have to take harsh steps against terrorism and friendly relations with our neighbour then only we can have Kashmir a terrorist proof land. Our national capital has been attacked many times, our I.T. city Bangalore too have suffered from terrorist attack and our commercial city Mumbai is one of the favourite destination to be attacked by terrorists from time to time. We need our prime ministers like Mrs. Indira Gandhi who was good with the good people and bad with the bad one’s. Killing the terrorism is not the duty of military or police but also of citizens like we are.

Thus, in the end I want to say that celebrate this Independence day by taking a vow to   perform your duty with sincerity and do not corrupt yourself because corruption ultimately kills the corrupted personalities. Therefore, do good deeds for your motherland and proud to be an Indian. JAI HIND, JAI BHARAT.



August 11, 2008

Money is mere a simple and understandable word for us, who live in this civilised society of Information Technology. It is a word that we use in every aspect of our life. Right from getting up in the morning to going to bed for sleep at night, we use this word and its assosiatives like anything.

But do we after spending many decades of our life on the Earth know “what is money ?”. Definitely, money is mere a word for us that has only five alphabets and we have never tried to analyse and research more about it.

If we ever tried to ask a student of middle class family that what is money then he would have told that money is wealth, money is passion, lifestyle,fulfillment of dreams and desires etc.

If the same question is put on a student of rich family then he would tell that money is status, money is reputation, money means an extra thing in life after life and many similar answers is expected from him.

But if the question “What is Money ?” is asked to a child who lives in a poor family that is below poverty line then his/her answer will surely be that “Money is Life”. Yes, for poor people, money means life. Meanings and basics of money have been told to all of us many times in our schools, colleges and other institutions but we never get the right and exact definition of money. We searched for great economists who could give us more advanced and purified definition of money but it is really a hard luck of not only our country but also of all those countries where still a large mass does not able to manage for their basic necessities of life and where we are still not identifying the people who can tell us what money is ?.

The true definition of money can be provided to us by those small children who have never seen the face of schools and may be not even know about them but have faced bitting winter nights without clothes, without food and scotching hot summers without fans. Those small children can give us our answer more accurately who have opened their eyes on footpath and who even don’t know what is their name but know what is hunger ?, what is food ?, and how difficult life is ?.

Yes, we have specialised in medicine, in science, in I.T., and in trade but still we can find small children being beggars on streets, crossings etc.

We open our eyes for the Mittal-Arcelor merger, for Walmart, for B.M.W. coming to Asian market, for billionaires but we have still kept our eyes closed for those old people who have to pull rickshaw in bitting cold without a blanket on their shoulder for a few bucks in order to get cheap medicines for their children or grand children. They can even better tell the value of money rather than economists of excellent wisdom.



August 10, 2008

Hello Everybody

I am new to this site and this is my first write up in my blog. My father suggested me to select a topic of general interest, so i’m writing on 8/8/8. First i will like to introduce myself in few words. I’m Pranshu, aged around 19, belongs to National Capital Region of India and doing graduation in Journalism and Mass Communication from Amity University,Noida, India. Now i come to the point. Two days back was 8th August,2008 and everyone was talking about this date for many days. What was unique in this date?. We all know this was 8th day of 8th month of 8th year of this century. So this was 8/8/8. This was a rare chance. Newspapers through out the world reported about the children born on this day. In America two children were born on the same day and what a coincidence that both were weighing 8 pound and 8 ounce at the time of their birth. Helly Jo Hader was born in Minisota while Jender Jesrenekar was born at 8 a.m. in aova state. In India too, three girls were born in Dr. Singh test-tube baby centre in Meerut city of U.P. state of India. But one of them made a history as the time of her birth was 8 hr, 8 min, 8 sec a.m. Local astrologers here have predicted that as it is a rare combination of time, this girl is very lucky to her parents and she will give a new direction to the society.  In Dhanvantri Hospital of the same city, a girl was born at 8 a.m. while in Jindal Nursing Home and Kamla Nursing Home of this city one girl each was born. What a coincidence that in total 6 children took birth in the same city at the same time and all are girls. I wish all of them a bright destiny.